Our lawyers are as passionate about sport as they are about the law. They provide straightforward advice across a wide range of legal matters, helping both individuals and businesses in the sport industry.  
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Whether you're an athlete, agent, club or sports business the pressure to succeed is greater than ever. Our lawyers understand your ambition and alleviate the stress of complex legal challenges such as brand building, contracts and injuries, family issues and wealth planning.

Professionalism is increasing everywhere, at every level and for every party. There’s more scrutiny of governance, ethics, integrity and duties of care. And that’s on top of the ongoing need for individuals and teams to find that elusive competitive edge.

Whoever you are, you can rely on us to give you simple, clear and direct advice across every area of law connected to sport. With so many people involved in every aspect of sports life, you can trust us to understand what the problems really are and give you the solutions you really need.

Sportspeople, agents, clubs, brands and associations come to us because they know we’re as passionate about sport as we are about the law. Which means we focus on proactive and informed planning for the future. As well as minimising the risks that are just around the corner.

We can support you in every area of your personal and professional life. From brand building, contracts and injuries, to family issues, asset management and wealth planning. Doing the hard work behind the scenes that supports your long term career goals.

Whatever the issues, you’ll have a team behind you making life as hassle-free as possible and taking the stress out of difficult situations. Solving your problems with little fuss so that you can focus your attention and energy on being as successful as you possibly can.


Esports: a creative agency perspective

Esports: a creative agency perspective

More people play Candy Crush than watch Netflix! Everybody is a potential gamer now. Charlie Elliott, from Billion Dollar Boy, highlights emerging trends and opportunities in influencer marketing in the gaming and esports space. 

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