Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith:

Partner: Head of Personal Injury

Elizabeth specialises in personal injury, Fatal Accident Act cases, clinical negligence, performer's protection rights, professional negligence and Health and Safety issues. Her specialities are advising on work related stress and work related upper limb disorder claims.

Elizabeth's clients include the Royal College of Nursing and the Society of Radiographers, together with numerous individual clients, including high profile actors and dancers. Her practice has expanded during the last year as she specialises in industrial stress cases and is receiving instructions from employment lawyers who realise that their clients are better off bringing claims in the Civil Courts. Some of these referrals are from employment lawyers in different firms who are impressed by Elizabeth’s reputation.

Elizabeth has attended trial on three occasions this year: In one serious injury case in which her client received £590,000.00 damages; one Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD) case; and one manual handling case. All three cases were decided in favour of Elizabeth’s clients.

In addition to her usual voluminous case load of nurses and radiographers, she is currently advising an injured dancer, on a severe road traffic accident, a child injured at school and a doctor, supermarket worker and employee of a power company, all suffering severe stress at work.


Recent work

  • the highest-ever value stress at work claim for a nurse, and WRULD cases for both radiographers and nurses
  • two assault claims in which health professionals were attacked by patients and several Manual Handling incidents leading  to serious injury
  • serious spinal injury cases
  • successful litigation of several stress at work cases
  • upper limb disorder claims for ultrasonographers and mammographers
  • several occupational asthma cases

Random fact

Elizabeth was a fashion editor before becoming a lawyer