On the horizon employment law: June 2020

15 Jun 2020
"Couch corner with cushion.

As a decision maker of operations and staffing this continues to be a challenging time. We are constantly reviewing Government guidance in order to provide you with clarity around the legal issues. For us it's imperative to support and guide our clients through this period so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The Information Commissioner has provided useful guidance about workplace testing. Some commentators have expressed privacy concerns about the NHS contact tracing app, so it is hoped that the ICO will issue guidance on tracing apps soon. 

The NHS test and trace system is now live (and employees told to self-isolate by NHS contact tracers will be entitled to receive SSP during the period of self-isolation).  Guidance on the system is here.

Detailed guidance about the flexible furlough scheme is due on 12 June 2020. 


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