Immigration testimonials


Hillary Zondlak, Tier 2 (ICT) Long Term Staff

My experience with Howard Kennedy was fantastic. The lawyer I worked with, Antonia Torr, guided me through the entire extremely complicated process and helped me review each document to ensure it was exactly what was needed.

The step-by-step process ensured everything was completed correctly and I was able to get my visa in the timeline I needed.  I would recommend working with Howard Kennedy in the future. 


Imran Irshad, Pirana (UK) Ltd, Tier 2 (ICT) Long Term Staff

Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you and share our feedback on the way you have handled and managed our Tier 2 visa applications.  

Indeed both Sabiha and I were feeling nervous in the beginning as we had no positive response by our Solicitor that was engaged earlier. We not only lost our precious time but money in the process while dealing with them.

However, when we reached out to you seeking your professional help (though it was quite closer to the deadline for the applications submission), you kindly accepted our case and gave us the confidence. It was indeed a pleasure working with you as you demonstrated the professional commitment and guided us all the way through with a positive attitude. It was fascinating to see a Solicitor working late hours and this indeed shows extremely high levels of commitment. Being an ad man, I always believed that I am "workaholic" but we now know "Antonia Torr" as one more! You made us feel comfortable being easily accessible with quick response time and readily available on the phone. Especially on the interview day. 

It is due to your hard work and personal commitment that we managed to submit our Tier 2 (Long Term Staff) Visa Applications just in time. And finally, both applications got approved and we have been granted Leave to Remain until April 2019. Your contribution to this has been invaluable. 

Therefore, on behalf of PIRANA UK LIMITED, my colleague Sabiha Jafri and I would like to sincerely thank you for all your efforts made. Based our experience, we would like to continue working with you and recommend your name to other potential clients within our network. Now we need to plan things properly and we once again seek your professional advice and guidance. 


Tier 2 (General) Migrant

I was able to get my visa at my convenience in a day! Antonia handled all the papers/copies and how they should be presented. I didn't have to worry about any work needed for the application. Antonia is also always available to answer any questions, which put my mind to rest regarding processes. She is a safe pair of hands, which is very helpful.

I'm extremely happy with the service. I'd recommend her and ask for her help again.


Mikayel Mirzoyan, Tier 2 (General) Migrant 

Immigration applications are an absolute nightmare, but with the advice and assistance of Antonia the whole process was quite stress-free. Antonia spent a lot of time poring over every detail of the application and even worked late into the night in order to make sure everything was done properly. Every step of the process was explained to me in clear terms and Antonia made sure that my application was presented in the best possible manner to the Home Office. It was so reassuring having a lawyer, who is always a phone call or an email away, who could answer any questions or concerns that I may have.

Antonia is a terrific lawyer as well as a wonderful person! The Home Office were not exactly efficient in dealing with my application but Antonia was there every step of the way so that I didn’t feel alone during the process. When the Home Office did something silly during the decision making process, Antonia was not just sympathetic but she would be on the phone or email straight away to the Home Office in order to get it sorted out. I cannot say enough good things about Antonia and the immigration team at Howard Kennedy – they really pull out all the stops to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in your application. Thanks to their expert advice, I am now joining an exciting new enterprise in the UK!


Lisa Kapopole, EEA Derivative Right of Residence Card

I am so happy with the service and care I received from Howard Kennedy and from my solicitor, Antonia Torr. I have been fighting my case for the last three years, but Antonia has been there every step of the way. Having her there to help at any time of day on any given day is amazing!


Samson and Maricel Magnase, EEA Permanent Residence Card

Antonia was with us every step of the way, giving advice and responding promptly when contacted. She did a great job in helping us with our applications for Permanent Residence and we are pleased to say that the applications were successful. Antonia is very kind and friendly. She is amazing!


Mr & Mrs Elliott

We are very happy with the service provided by Howard Kennedy. It was friendly and professional. Our solicitor Antonia made us feel secure, and she understood the highly sensitive moment we were going through. She helped us with all of our queries and walked us through everything step by step, being very supportive and polite. Although in our case the application process was lengthy, once a case officer was signed it was processed in 24 hours. We believe the decision on our visa was made so promptly because of all of our paper work being so well prepared by Howard Kennedy. We will continue to use their services and highly recommend them.