Our team has an established reputation for excellent advice and work in all aspects of the theatre world.  We advise upon and undertake everything necessary for the financing and production of theatrical productions, for the inward and outward licensing of productions throughout the world and for the transfer to the UK of international productions from Broadway and elsewhere.

We represent theatre owners, producers, directors, writers and actors and also for creators of musical shows, ballets and Spectacles together with choreographers, dancers, singers, musicians and event managers. We work closely with managers, theatrical and literary agents of the talent.  

Our services include offering a strategic approach to negotiating and advising on contracts for:-

  •          finance
  •          development
  •          production
  •          exploitation
  •          talent
  •          publicity
  •          intellectual property rights

And if you have a problem, we have an outstanding reputation for arbitration and commercial litigation.

Our team has a reputation for ‘making things happen’ as a result of our creative thinking and authoritative understanding of the theatre world, developed through the experience of our team over many years in this field.

The team offers friendly, speedy and authoritative advice together with a deep knowledge and experience of the legal and business matters which are needed in this field.

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Robert Lands

Robert Lands : Partner