Entrepreneurs & Growth Businesses

Our expertise and experience makes us ideally placed to advise privately owned and family businesses in managing their growth, protecting their wealth, and enabling the succession and strategy for the business and those who work for it.

While our entrepreneurial clients come from a range of industry sectors, they share some particular characteristics. They are often privately or family owned, or private equity backed. The distance between the ownership of these businesses and the decision making around legal matters is often small, which means that we have to be able to talk to business owners in a way they understand, and not the language of in-house legal teams.

At a time when you need to put all your energy into building your business, you need the right team behind you. A team that’s looking out for opportunities and spotting challenges. A team that’s easy to work with. A team that makes your life as hassle-free as possible. This is what we do for a wide range of entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors and family owned businesses. We immerse ourselves in your business and focus on your objectives. We keep the bigger picture in sight, finding ways to add value and minimise the risks you could face.

We have expertise in all the services investors and expanding business require. For example, strategic acquisitions and investments, fundraising and finance, brands and IP, people issues, regulation, sale and exit. We can also help you with your personal legal affairs, which can easily become entangled with those of your business. 

Whatever the issues, you’ll always get straightforward advice rooted firmly in the commercial world, delivered in language you understand. Advice that gets you from where you are to where you want to be as smoothly as possible.

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Gillian White

Gillian White : Partner