Jonathan Sellors

Jonathan Sellors:


Jonathan specialises in intellectual property (advisory, commercial and dispute resolution) and related information technology, software and media regulatory work. He also specialises in data protection and freedom of information issues. Jonathan advises on copyright, design rights, trade marks, patents, know-how and trade secrets, database rights, moral rights and all forms of registered and unregistered IPR. He works for organisations and individuals in the media, technology and cultural property sectors and is frequently involved in giving structuring advice for commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

Jonathan also has a very specific expertise in the medical devices and the medical research sectors including clinical trials, genetics, setting up research projects and the use of clinical data.

Recent work

  • Medical device companies on patent protection and global licensing
  • Charities on structuring and operational agreements with HMGov
  • Cultural Institutions on IP and proprietary rights in historic archive material
  • Educational institutions on access to research data
  • Tech companies on software, application and platform development
  • Industry standards’ bodies on licensing collective IP rights
  • Medical research organisations on use of genetic data and open source arrangements
  • Retail brand owners on trade mark and design infringement
  • Cultural property owners on regulations governing sale and lending

Random fact

Jonathan is the legal counsel to UK Biobank, the largest medical research resource in the world.