Alan Kaufman

Alan Kaufman:


Alan is a consultant and collaborative lawyer and mediator in the family team. 

He specialises in heavy weight family law disputes and has had many years experience acting in multi-million pound matrimonial settlements.  Alan acts for wealthy business people, particularly in the property industry and high profile media, entertainment and sports personalities, or their spouses.

Alan is a trained mediator having been taught his mediation skills by the New York Mediation Group and is also a trained Collaborative Lawyer.  He is also a strong believer in round table settlement meetings at which he excels.

In a past life, Alan has had extensive commercial litigation experience (including shareholders and partnership disputes, copyright and property related litigation) and hence is able to bring his commercial acumen to matrimonial financial settlement negotiations.

In 2005, Alan was elected a Fellow of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers and in 2008 was admitted as a member of the high profile group of collaborative lawyers known as the Central London Collaborative Forum, which is comprised of London's leading divorce lawyers.

Alan feels honoured to again be designated a Super Lawyer in the specialist Family Law area and also to be recognised as one of the top 100 Super Lawyers in London covering all disciplines.

The super lawyers nominations are produced yearly by Thompson Reuters on the basis of wholly independent peer review and assessment.

Alan was also included in the Fifth Edition of The Best Lawyers™ in the United Kingdom for Family Law.



Recent work

  • A financial settlement and children dispute in a high profile media celebrity case which involves the Irish Courts and Irish Advisers as well as the English Court
  • A leading reported case involving the legal and enforcement systems of various countries including England, Pakistan, USA and Hong Kong
  • The recent ground breaking reported case on Freezing Injunctions and without notice Applications
  • A recent high profile case representing the titled Wife against her titled Husband where all his substantial wealth was inherited and pre-marital
  • A Separation Agreement for one of the world’s most famous leading football coaches
  • Numerous Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements including:

    o      A Pre-Nuptial Agreement for a wealthy international property entrepreneur instructed four weeks before marriage, complex negotiations involving advice from California and New York, completing the day before marriage and the Agreement containing provision there will be a Post-Nuptial Agreement on the same terms after the marriage
    o      A Pre-Nuptial Agreement for a super wealthy Husband fund manager and his lawyer Wife. The Agreement covered the jurisdictions of US, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan and England
    o      A Post-Nuptial Agreement which took two years to negotiate acting for the various spouses of the children of super wealthy and famous UK industrialist where a Post-Nuptial Agreement was a condition of a wealth protection plan whereby assets were planned to be passed on to children and grandchildren. 

Random fact

Outside of work, Alan's time is very much engaged with his family, being the father of five daughters and the grandfather of two grandsons and two granddaughters. He is an avid follower of Arsenal Football Club and otherwise loves spending time playing tennis at his small country pile in the Cotswolds.