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The business relationship between the Great State of Ohio and the United Kingdom is a significant one that is not widely known. In the lead up to Brexit and post the US election, Howard Kennedy brought together a panel for a timely discussion about its importance, trajectory and prospects.

As businesses are adapting to the recovering economy, C-suite executives are now able to consider their future commercial growth strategy. Highly competitive domestic markets, and the realisation that doing business internationally is much more attainable than it was prior to the events of this year, means that internationalisation is going to be a key factor in the future plans of many businesses.

The Ohio and UK business corridor is a significant and longstanding one. Many are surprised to learn that Ohio is the world's 21st biggest economy sitting between Saudi Arabia and Argentina, and that the UK is Ohio's largest European market. To throw light on this, Howard Kennedy is pleased to have put together a panel of well-known Ohio-UK supporters and promoters. They shared their valuable insights about this relationship and the opportunities in each market for businesses looking to establish their operations across the Atlantic.

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Howard Kennedy and Ohio

Howard Kennedy and Ohio

Howard Kennedy has an extensive history of supporting UK and US companies to establish their operations across the Atlantic by ensuring that the journey to market is as straightforward as possible. By providing market insight, legal input and connections we ensure that roadblocks are avoided and the foundations are laid for business success in the UK and US.

Ohio is a focus for Howard Kennedy. The firm is committed to generating business opportunities through the Ohio-UK corridor with an in-depth knowledge of the Ohio market and strong relationships with key business partners both in Ohio and the UK.

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