Fixed fee EU Settlement Applications


We can assist you and your family members with your application for Pre-Settled status or Settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme. Our team of experienced Immigration lawyers and advisers will provide a stress-free service, efficient service to ensure you get the result you are legally entitled to.

If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen (or you are a non- EU family member) then you can apply to EU Settlement Scheme. The scheme is open to all those who are resident in the UK before 31 December 2020. If your application is successful, you will receive either settled or pre- settled status. The deadline to apply for the scheme is 30 June 2021.

What's included?

Stage 1

We take detailed instructions in order to construct a complete immigration history. Based on your instructions, we would then advise you on what supporting documents are required. It is best that all of this is done in person or on the telephone with one of our experienced advisers.

Stage 2

We would review any documentation required, complete your application form and submit it to the Home Office. If necessary, we will also upload your supporting documentation.

Stage 3

Once a decision has been made, we would provide you with advice on the outcome.


Why use an immigration lawyer?

Our expertise has the advantage of streamlining the application process.

We are familiar with the Home Office application form and IT systems and can guide you through the legal requirements of the EU Settlement Scheme. We will also be able to advise you on what rights and benefits you would receive with your pre- settled or settled status.


£1,200 (including VAT) per applicant.

Our fixed fee package includes the following:

  • One of our experienced lawyers would take detailed instructions from you and compile a detailed immigration history.
  • Draft a case plan for your application – this would set out what documentation, if any, is required.
  • Completion of the EU ID check, online application form and submission of supporting documents (if applicable).
  • Advice on the outcome of your application along with what next steps you may wish to take in order to obtain settled status or British citizenship. 



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