Nikita Sellers

Nikita Sellers

What did you do prior to joining Howard Kennedy LLP as a trainee?

After graduating with a degree in Geography from the University of Bristol, I trained as an actor and performed in musical theatre productions. I then worked for a media agency, planning and executing marketing campaigns for live events, before leaving to start a career in law. Whilst studying for the GDL, I worked in the Triage team at a Legal Advice Centre where I took instructions on employment, housing and family law issues. During the LPC I studied additional modules in finance and strategy, graduating with an MSc in Law, Business and Management in July 2017. This left me with enough time to tick paddle boarding in Sydney Harbour, yoga on Bondi Beach and dancing at the Sydney Dance Company off my bucket list when I spent 5 weeks in Australia before joining Howard Kennedy.

What has been your best moment or your biggest challenge during your training contract so far?

I assisted with negotiations over a lease which referred to law which has been repealed. I was required to quickly conduct research in order to understand the practical consequences of this legal issue, discuss it with the other side's solicitors and seek instructions from the client's in-house legal department. After a week of negotiations, we reached an agreement that both parties were happy with and allowed 12 transactions to proceed to completion, making this the best moment of my training contract so far. I feel very fortunate to have had so much responsibility, client contact and exposure to interesting work so early in my training.

What are your personal interests?

While I am no longer pursuing a career in performing arts, I still love live entertainment and am always keen to see the latest shows on in London. I also enjoy singing in the shower and going to dance classes. When I am not dancing, I keep active by cycling, running and practicing yoga. I can often be persuaded to try new sports so I recently learnt to waterski and am currently looking for my next challenge. My favourite commuting pastime is reading and I have just started "Red Joan", ready for my first Howard Kennedy Book Club event.

What is your top tip to candidates looking to apply for a training contract at Howard Kennedy LLP?

Howard Kennedy values diversity so be honest about who you are and what you can bring to the firm. We are all encouraged to show willingness, so my top tip is to be the best version of yourself by demonstrating how willing you are to learn and work hard. You are not expected to know the answers to all the questions in your interview or to get everything right first time during your training contract but be committed to learning and improving. To be willing is to be prepared - show that you are prepared for a training contract and be clear about why you specifically want to work at Howard Kennedy.