Ko Eun Choi

Ko Eun Choi

What did you do prior to joining Howard Kennedy LLP as a trainee?

I studied Biomedical Sciences at Imperial College London before switching to law by taking the GDL course at the University of Law (Bloomsbury). Then I was asked to join the South Korean government agency for trade and investment at their London office where I worked as a market analyst. I thought this was a great way for me to gain commercial awareness and experience in a professional environment. However, after a couple of years, I wanted to challenge myself and come back to law. After I successfully obtained a training contract with Howard Kennedy LLP, I took the accelerated LPC course at the University of Law (Moorgate).

What has been your best moment or your biggest challenge during your training contract so far?

My biggest challenge so far has been time recording, it can be quite difficult to accurately keep track of the time I spend on each case since we are constantly multi-tasking. The best moment so far was completing a transaction after a hectic run up to it and getting thanked for my work by senior members of the team.

What are your personal interests?

Having learned ballet and tap dance as a child and been the flyer at my university cheerleading team, I really enjoy dancing. On a different note, I love trying new food (especially desserts). Moreover, my friends and I have a list of top dessert cafes that we have made a mission of ticking off as we visit each one.

What is your top tip to candidates looking to apply for a training contract at Howard Kennedy LLP?

My top tip to candidates looking to apply for a training contract at Howard Kennedy LLP is to be honest. This applies to the whole selection process, from application forms to the interview.

What you write on the application form is likely to be questioned on during the interview because the interviewers are generally interested in finding out more about you. It can be hard to highlight your strengths without sounding boastful, but don't play yourself down.

Furthermore, you should be honest if you are not sure about an answer during the interview. Explain your thought processes and they will guide you in the right direction. Sometimes they aren't interested in you telling them the right answer (they know it!). They just want to know how you function. Don't be worried about being right or wrong.

The recruitment team are looking for a variety of people and appreciate that everyone has different strengths. Howard Kennedy doesn’t have a tick-box system so you don't need to 'pass' every activity. So even if you don't do so well in one part of the assessment process, you can redeem yourself in other activities.