Adam Fellows

Adam Fellows

What did you do prior to joining Howard Kennedy LLP as a trainee?

Before joining Howard Kennedy, I worked as a Legal Editor for a web-based publishing company called FromCounsel. The service was set up to provide a comprehensive knowledge service for practitioners in corporate law, with the commentary provided in a Q&A format and relevant legislation integrated into the commentary. In my role as Legal Editor, it was my job to make sure that the content was formatted into the correct style for upload. I also assisted the lawyers with research points and created initial draft text for review. I also led on the legislation project, editing and updating the legislation for use on the website and ensuring that any new legislation was prepared for upload. As the company was a start-up when I joined, I also got involved in other parts of the business, such as setting up, maintaining and updating the IT infrastructure.

What has been your best moment or your biggest challenge during your training contract so far?

I have only been with the firm for a couple of weeks, but my best moment has been my first client meeting. My first seat is in Private Client, and I was asked to attend a meeting with a Senior Associate to take a note while the clients were signing some documents. It was really good to be involved in such a meeting so early on, especially as friends at other firms have had to wait months before such a meeting. As the documents required witnessing, I also ended acting as witness for various signatures. I don't think I have ever signed my name so often in such a short space of time.

Another great moment was when I took on a Pro Bono case through LawWorks. It gave me a chance to do some real work in an area I am interested in and for a good cause. I was supervised by a Senior Associate, but the matter was my own to run with. It certainly felt like all the studying and hard work was worth it!

What are your personal interests?

I am very keen on exercise, so I go to the gym a lot, but also cycle and run. I also like going to the theatre, cinema, and museum exhibitions. I also quite a keen cook and baker, and now that the Bake Off is back I may be getting my baking tins out more...

What is your top tip to candidates looking to apply for a training contract at Howard Kennedy LLP?

I think the best bit of advice I can offer is to be your best self. When you get to a recruitment centre, the firm has already seen something they like, so that is something positive to take with you. Nerves are natural, but don't let them overshadow your personality, and throw yourself into the tasks they set. They will get a feel for what you may be capable of, so don't forget to show that you are someone who they would like to worth with.