Offshore Structures & Trusts

Clients with foreign domicile and/or residence are able to take advantage of their status and exploit tax planning opportunities using offshore trusts and other vehicles.

We regularly advise clients about the benefits of these structures for the purposes of succession planning, confidentiality and UK tax mitigation.

Our services include advising non UK domiciled clients about:

  • the use of offshore trusts as a tax efficient holding structure for UK real estate and other assets
  • providing advice to UK resident non-domiciled clients about the use of offshore structures for mitigation of UK income, capital gains and inheritance tax
  • restructuring of offshore trusts to reflect changes to UK or foreign tax laws, or changes in the circumstances of the beneficiaries

Recent experience advising:  

  • a foreign national about establishing an offshore trust to hold his valuable UK property portfolio
  • a UK resident non-domiciled client about capital gains tax mitigation for a foreign property investment using an appropriate offshore structure
  • the Trustee of an offshore trust concerning the optimum holding structure to shelter from UK tax a valuable art collection situated in the UK
  • Trustees and beneficiaries of an offshore trust on restructuring the trust in advance of the settlor losing protection from US federal estate tax under the UK/US double estate tax treaty

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