Freezing injunctions

In some situations, there can be real concerns that one party will seek to dissipate assets or transfer them out of the jurisdiction in order to frustrate the other parties' claims.

If this happens, it can leave the other party facing a mountain to climb when it comes to recovering such assets. 

Where such risks are presented, it is important to act quickly and efficiently to ensure assets are protected before they disappear. We have frequently acted on cases where injunctions have been sought to prevent one spouse from dissipating assets or from transferring them out of the jurisdiction, and we have extensive expertise in both obtaining and resisting such injunctions. 

Members of the team acted for the successful husband in the case of UL v BK (Freezing Orders: Principles: Standard Examples) [2013] EWHC 1735, before Mr Justice Mostyn in the Family Division of the High Court of Justice. The judgment, which was approved by the President of the Family Division, has become the leading authority on applications for freezing injunctions and other without notice orders. We are able to use our extensive experience to assist others in similar situations, whether you are the individual seeking to make an application or the individual accused of dissipating assets.

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