Commercial Dispute Resolution

Businesses and individuals in any sector may face conflicts which can quickly intensify into a major dispute. 

In such cases, having access to a highly experienced team of litigators is critical.   We handle all types of contentious situation, from those of small monetary value, to multi-million pound actions which attract significant external interest in sectors across the entire business spectrum, from real estate to media, and from professional services to banking.

Much of our work has an international flavour and we maintain strong links with overseas counsel. Questions on private and public international law mean that we can recommend on jurisdiction, choice of law and enforcement proceedings.  

We are primed to:

  • take emergency action when necessary to safeguard key evidence/ freeze assets to make enforcement for any judgment obtained more likely
  • advise on steps that can be taken before proceedings
  • advise on challenges made to orders obtained which affect businesses, individuals or their assets
  • find creative solutions to challenging problems
  • resolve any dispute as quickly and cost effectively as possible
  • provide  expert assistance all the way to trial and beyond
  • protect reputation throughout the process.

Our services include:

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