Alternative Dispute Resolution

It has always been essential that businesses resolve disputes in ways which are cost effective and commercially astute.

In today’s economic environment, that is all the more important.  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers ways of resolving disputes which are not available through the litigation or arbitration process.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Team has extensive experience in dealing with various methods of dispute resolution. A number of the members of the Team are accredited mediators with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). CEDR is the largest conflict management and resolution consultancy in the world. This enables us to prepare for and run a mediation knowing in broad terms the kind of approaches which a mediator will adopt.

ADR does not simply include mediation of an existing dispute but also early neutral evaluation, adjudication and expert determination. Our team prepare for and represent clients at mediations and other ADR meetings; they also provide detailed advice on tactics. We also have considerable expertise over many years in using mediation not only with reference to disputes arising within England and Wales but also multi-jurisdictional disputes involving parties overseas, ranging from individuals to plcs, state owned entities and Governments.

ADR is not a stand-alone mechanism in order to achieve the desired objectives for the client. Often, mediation and other techniques will be utilised in parallel or in combination with more traditional methods of litigation. Our recent experience includes:

  • settling a claim by mediation for our hotel clients with a value of around £300 million
  • settling a multi-jurisdictional trusts dispute worth $75 million
  • repatriation of Tasmanian aboriginal remains
  • regular attendance at joint settlement meetings in substantial personal injury claims where the majority of claims were successfully settled
  • mediation for investors defending a restitutionary claim brought by an investment bank for repayment of monies allegedly paid to them by mistake
  • mediation for investors suing a Swiss bank for mis-selling complex financial products
  • various copyright and libel disputes
  • dispute between neighbours relating to boundary issues, excessive use of rights of way in connection with the transportation of polo ponies and obstruction/rerouting of rights of way
  • dispute between landlord and tenant in respect of service charge arrears and landlord’s alleged breaches of repairing covenants
  • dispute between landlord and tenants regarding water ingress into basement car park

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