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Helping your staff on their journey to becoming a British citizen

Issues facing UK employers

The decision to leave the EU has resulted in uncertainty for many overseas workers living in the UK as well as British staff working abroad. No doubt UK employers will also be concerned that, post-Brexit, they may face a shortage of EU nationals. For those businesses that rely on talent and labour from the EU, the question of how to assist their staff is perhaps the greatest employee engagement issue ever faced by HR professionals.

Conflicting advice on the rights of EU nationals living and working in the UK post-Brexit has left many individuals concerned about where they stand with their residency rights in the UK. This has created many questions and added uncertainty around what steps need to be taken.

Incorrect information or advice could result in residency applications being refused which could impact an individual's ability to stay in the UK or even re-enter in the future.

How can employers safeguard their overseas workforce?

For UK employers with EU national employees, it is important to take a proactive role to ensure staff are equipped with all the information they need. Recent surveys have indicated that approximately 51% of EU nationals want to see more information and support from their employers when it comes to the issue of Brexit.

Our immigration team can assist with this need for communication and information by providing tailored and targeted EU clinics where your employees can receive advice and information from an experienced immigration lawyer.

At these workshops one of our immigration experts will explain to your employees, in plain terms, what the legal requirements are for each immigration application, what documentation needs to be provided and the common mistakes to avoid. They are ideally suited for groups of 10 or more and can be held at your premises or a location that suits you.

The benefits

  • provide expert legal advice for your employees – often this helps low skilled workers who may not be able to afford legal fees
  • minimise any negativity that may be impacting the business
  • improve employee engagement and morale
  • remove uncertainty for EU national employees who want to remain working in the UK
  • prevent any "brain-drain" and improve the retention rate of staff
  • provide a point of contact for employees should they require further support, thereby alleviating any strain placed on HR teams.

Every business is different, so we have developed different support levels, catering to the support you feel you need.

Tier What's included? Who's this suitable for?
Tier 1 1 hour clinic Employers who have an already established Brexit strategy and information portal but would like to provide additional support.
Tier 2 90 minute clinic including Q&A session * Employers who have little or no communication strategy for Brexit or large businesses with multiple sites (and therefore different geographical issues at each site).
Tier 3 2 hour clinic including comprehensive Q&A session * Employers who have no communication strategy and have a significant EU migrant workforce from different parts of Europe.

* We will tailor your session to the issues relevant to your employees and provide take away FAQ guides.

All day clinics

If, following the clinic, there is a need for more comprehensive support we can provide an all-day clinic so employees can meet with our immigration specialist on a 'one-to-one' basis. These meetings usually last 45 minutes and our experts can review any application form and supporting documents to advise on the next steps.

If you are interested in providing these clinics to your staff, please contact Antonia Torr, Head of Immigration Services, who will provide you with a proposal tailored to your requirements.

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