Investment Structures & Joint Ventures

With an ever increasing level of tax and regulatory factors surrounding investment structures, both on and offshore, especially in relation to investments into UK real estate based upon collaborative private equity, care needs to be taken to implement the right structure for the overall transaction.

We can help you navigate the many and varied options to ensure the most appropriate structure is put in place for your commercial and legal needs.

There are various different investment structures available, reflecting the equally broad range of potential investors. Whether you are an individual or retail investor, a pension fund or an institutional investor, we can advise you on which structure will best achieve your objectives and can help you identify any associated tax issues.

We can also assist those looking to establish funds, to place and market them and to administer their assets. Services that we offer include: structuring, choice of fund domicile, regulation of the fund and its distribution, promotion and winding down.

We can advise on various investment structures, including:

  • Property companies
  • Offshore companies
  • Limited partnerships
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Contractual joint ventures
  • Offshore property unit trusts
  • Authorised funds – qualified investor schemes
  • Authorised contractual schemes – co-ownership or limited partnerships
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Property authorised investment funds

 Our recent experience and client base includes:

  • advising Ingenious Investments, Mobeus Equity Partners and Octopus Investments and VCTs including British Smaller Companies (YFM Private Equity), Core Capital and Triplepoint in relation to AIFMD
  • advising a Singapore development and agency on a new £50M real estate fund
  • EIS fund clients, including Oxford Capital Partners, Temporis Capital and Guinness Asset Management
  • Kuber Ventures, the UK’s first self-select EIS funds platform
  • SEIS investment structures including Ascension Ventures, the first ever SEIS fund.

Anthony Hunt

Anthony Hunt : Partner