Talk Straight | Think Smart speaker series

At Howard Kennedy, we provide straightforward legal advice for ambitious clients. We simplify what others complicate. How? We live our values in our everyday work. Talk Straight, Think Smart, Be Yourself. 

That's why we have launched our Talk Straight | Think Smart speaker series. So we can hear from others who have taken a similar value-led approach.

Throughout the series, our clients and contacts will listen to the stories of inspirational entrepreneurs and growth businesses. They'll share the challenges they face, their business insights and how they overcame the obstacles in their way.

Serena Rees video

Talk Straight | Think Smart with Serena Rees, Entrepreneur and Founder of Agent Provocateur and Les Girls Les Boys

In the second of our series, we heard from Serena Rees who was just 26 when she co-founded the luxury lingerie label Agent Provocateur in 1994. Now Serena's back with new underwear-meets-streetwear label, Les Girls Les Boys.

Few find out about Serena's inspiration and how she overcame challenges as her businesses expanded.  Hear about the differences in the way a brand is marketed today, and the importance to be versatile and adapt to move with the times.

Although the high street is getting its fair share of bad press, it's not all doom and gloom. Serena believes in retail, bricks and mortar, and importantly creating an experience. Her final words of advice to other budding entrepreneurs: Follow your gut feeling.


Talk Straight | Think Smart with Jo Fairley, Founder of Green & Black's 

We kicked off our series with the fantastic Jo Fairley, the founder of Green & Black’s, and even had time to ask her a few questions afterwards.

Find out why Jo started Green & Blacks, what makes it unique and top tips for those starting up their business. Jo also tells us what she looks for in an employee and in her experience what employees look for from a company. 

To hear Jo's definition of an entrepreneur and answers to all of the above, click play to watch the video.



Jo Fairley talking to the camera.