First 100 Years, Women in Law

2019 marks 100 years since women were admitted into the profession when the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 was passed and paved the way for women to become lawyers for the first time. As lawyers, we think this is something worth celebrating.

Everyman screening: On the basis of sex

To ensure a strong and equal future for all women in the legal profession we need to raise awareness about their history and inspire the future generations of female lawyers.

The film "On The Basis Of Sex" does just that. On Wednesday 6 March we were joined by clients and contacts for a private screening of the film. It's the true story Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her historic career as she fought for equal rights which lead to her to becoming the second woman ever to be appointed US Supreme Court justice.

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Inspirational women in law

As a firm we are surrounded by many inspirational and hardworking females.

Throughout this year we want to celebrate their journeys and the journey of other women in industry, from 1919 to the present day.

To start celebrate international women's day in this special year, we'd like to share a few of our own stories...

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I have always worked hard, sought to challenge myself and taken opportunities where they have presented themselves.

Jane Amphlett, Employment Partner
Howard Kennedy
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I used to 'put on' court room dramas as a child and place myself as the Judge, so I clearly had an interest in justice from an early age.

Alex Carr, Senior Associate
Howard Kennedy
Alexandra Carr
Rianna Stevens
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Always be yourself and trust your instinct. This will establish your own identity and ensure you are paving a happy career path for yourself.

Rianna Stevens, Executive Assistant
Howard Kennedy
Julia Wookey
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On the first and third Saturday of every month, Toynbee Hall runs a women only free legal advice clinic which we support.

Julia Wookey, Associate
Howard Kennedy
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I found having a mentor extremely valuable and would encourage any young women entering the profession to try to find themselves a senior female mentor.

Kayleigh Leonie, Law Society Council member
Howard Kennedy
Kayleigh Leonie