2020 projections

What do you think will be the key cases and changes in the law in the year ahead? 

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will release our lawyers' 2020 projections in a series of videos, each highlighting what lies ahead in our specialist areas of law. 

Liz Palmer presenting to camera.

2020 - the year of philanthropy

Head of Private Wealth, Liz Palmer, brings some positivity to challenge your January blues! Moving on from the political, economic and environmental uncertainly or recent times philanthropy is climbing the agenda of the privately wealthy.


Change is the only constant in Real Estate this year

Partner James Stewart tells us that with student accommodation, build to rent and retirement living coming to the fore as well as traditional residential development clients are looking to create maximum flexibility out of commercial spaces.


James Stewart presenting to camera.
Dominic Offord presenting to camera.

What's your new year's resolution?

Head of Commercial Dispute Resolution Dominic Offord shares a resolution you can't afford not to make. In a post #Brexit world, with uncertainty about which courts have jurisdiction, an arbitration clause can provide relief.

Commercial Dispute Resolution insights

Can you guess the two biggest cases in media law primed for 2020? We bet you'll have heard of them!  

Harry and Meghan will win their cases but not the war. Mark Stephens wishes us a Happy New Year and gives us the inside scoop on the Royal couple's bid for privacy from a Media Partner's perspective. 


Mark Stephens presenting to camera.
Jane Amphlett presenting to camera.

#MeToo #EthicalVeganism - hot topics dominate Employment law this year

As #MeToo continues to dominate headlines this January so too will it continue to be a focus area in employment law. Head of Employment, Jane Amphlett, talks us through the considerations. And one of her projections (filmed in November) already hit the headlines last week! #EthicalVeganism.

Employment updates