Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Employer FAQs

In a few short weeks, the new strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, has had an enormous impact on businesses, families, governments and day-to-day life across the globe.   

24 Mar 2020

Businesses are facing very tough decisions about operations and staffing in light of a UK lockdown, still-evolving Government support measures, school and childcare closures and the need to protect staff and public health during a global pandemic.

Employers should refer to:  for details of support available for businesses for the latest government guidance for the latest health information

Click the links below for our practical guidance for employers.

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Managing staff costs

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme offers a useful option for businesses which need to reduce staff costs. But government guidelines leave important questions unanswered. Our practical guide provides clarity around this and other options. 

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Sick pay, SSP and self-isolation

With Coronavirus cases rising rapidly in the UK, we look at how sick pay rules (including statutory sick pay) interact with the guidance on self-isolation for those with or without symptoms. We also consider what this means for the self-employed. 

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Managing staff during the pandemic

Many staff will be concerned about the impact of the virus on them, their families and friends and their work. We consider what employers need to know about home-working, communication and employee wellbeing. 

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Government support for businesses and the self-employed

In the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government has announced a wide-ranging package of measures to try to ease the pressures on businesses. 

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Cyber-security and data protection

Cyber-security is already a key business risk with a spate of high-profile cyber-attacks. Those risks are even more acute with millions of employees now working from home. We answer some of the most common questions. 

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