New brand ... same us

We listened to our clients, our people and others in the industry to properly understand what we're known for and what sort of clients we are for. Through this work we know what lies at the heart of our firm and what differentiates us from others. 

We're an independent and progressive law firm providing straightforward advice to ambitious clients from the city of London.

Our experience tells us clients are after a lot more than sound advice. They want experts who bring clarity to daunting challenges in areas like technology, regulation and privacy. They demand effective and innovative solutions that reduce hassle and save time. But it’s people who matter most – they look for someone they can work closely with, who understands their business and who is there for the long haul.

While our positioning in the market is now clear, our visual identity didn’t reflect this. So on Monday 1 July we went live with an evolved brand. We worked hard to develop a bold, assertive and impactful look and feel that reflects the approach and personality of the firm by refreshing our logo, colours and imagery. And we created this new best-in-class website to make it more user-friendly and by keeping things simple and effective.

We hope you like what you see, and welcome any feedback you have. 

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