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Talk Straight | Think Smart with Howard Kennedy

Talk Straight | Think Smart with Howard Kennedy

Welcome to our podcast series Talk Straight | Think Smart with Howard Kennedy. Join host, Adam Walford, for behind the scenes insights from inspirational entrepreneurs and their businesses.
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Ever wondered how an entrepreneur knew when to take a chance on their idea? Or how they grew their business? In this podcast series, we've invited a range of business owners and founders to tell their stories first-hand.

Our lawyers are the sounding board for business owners making those big decisions day-in-day-out. We wanted to share with you the library of stories we've built over the years with some of the UK's best-known brands and businesses. 

Throughout this series, you will hear the stories behind inspirational entrepreneurs and growth businesses. You'll hear their business insights, the challenges they faced and how they overcame those obstacles - including COVID-19.

This podcast series is being recorded in early 2021 in the middle of the third lockdown and as the vaccine rollout starts to give that glimmer of hope. In the interviews, we hear how our inspirational guests have navigated the onset of this global pandemic and what the "next new normal" looks like for them.

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I love understanding what makes these entrepreneurs tick. What motivates them, what drives them, what makes them successful. 

Adam Walford
Partner and host


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S1. E5. Spencer Craig

Spencer Craig grew up surrounded by people who ran their own businesses but he didn't realise until later in life how much that would impact him. That's why starting Pure felt like the natural thing to do when he spotted a gap in the market.

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Brian Harrison CEO and Co-Founder, Swoon.

S1. E4. Brian Harrison

When Brian Harrison looks back at his early career, the common theme is that he was working in industries that were being particularly disrupted. Driven by the frustrations of working for a big corporate, he and co-founder Debbie Williamson came across another industry that needed transformation; furniture.

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S1. E3. Jeremy Simmonds

From day one Jeremy Simmonds and his co-founder were clear their business was all about fun. They don't have a list of corporate values but they make sure the customer experience is front and centre of everything they do.

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Jeremy Simmonds headshot in restaurant/bar.
Hannah Feldman spotlight image

S1. E2. Hannah Feldman

Hannah Feldman initially thought twice about going on a hen night on a Sunday. But she went for it, and it led to the transformation of her career. She moved from law, and banking and corporate finance, to founding a start-up and then scaling up.

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S1. E1. Simon Carter

Simon Carter was always surrounded by good taste growing up, and both his parents had their own businesses. Is it any wonder he went on to build his own successful men's fashionwear brand? 


Picture of Simon Carter sitting relaxed in an armchair.
Serena Rees video

VIDEO | Serena Rees, Entrepreneur and Founder of Agent Provocateur and Les Girls Les Boys

Serena Rees was just 26 when she co-founded the luxury lingerie label Agent Provocateur in 1994. Now Serena's back with new underwear-meets-streetwear label, Les Girls Les Boys.

Click play to find out about Serena's inspiration and how she overcame challenges as her businesses expanded.  Hear about the differences in the way a brand is marketed today, and the importance to be versatile and adapt to move with the times.

VIDEO | Jo Fairley, Founder of Green & Black's 

We kicked off our series with the fantastic Jo Fairley, the founder of Green & Black’s, and even had time to ask her a few questions afterwards.

Find out why Jo started Green & Blacks, what makes it unique and top tips for those starting up their business. Jo also tells us what she looks for in an employee and in her experience what employees look for from a company. 

To hear Jo's definition of an entrepreneur and answers to all of the above, click play to watch the video.



Jo Fairley talking to the camera.