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Doing Business Better: The importance of ESG to businesses in 2023 and beyond

How important is ESG to businesses in 2023? And to what extent does profit remain the main measure of success? With the help of TRI Strategy, we surveyed business leaders in November 2022 to find out.

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The survey focused on the role of ESG within business decision-making and how a possible recession would impact ESG policy and practice.

The survey asked business leaders how developed their ESG policy was. It also asked if more legislation and guidance on social and governance issues would help to develop more clearly defined standards in the business community.

The survey offers valuable insight into the role of ESG within business decision making. It reveals emerging trends for how companies are aiming to 'do business better'.

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Directors' Outlook 2023

Directors' Outlook 2023

2023 is set to be a tough year for businesses and directors will play a pivotal role in steering companies through the challenges that lay ahead.

But what are the key issues likely to impact your business this year? We've identified 4 key risks for directors to be aware of and outlined practical guidance to manage them.

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