Social impact

Inclusion and diversity

We strive to nurture an inclusive culture where people can be who they are when they come to work. It's part of our core values as a firm.

We want everyone at Howard Kennedy to be themselves when they walk through our doors. It's one of the things that underpins the personality of our firm.

We make sure that this is part of real life at the firm by giving every person an equal opportunity to develop and progress.

Through a mentoring programme, access to development centres, and a learning curriculum for everyone across the firm, including unconscious bias training for our senior leadership, we are working to equip our people with the tools they need.

And we are investing in practices that will also make life easier for everybody, including supporting agile working, providing a parental leave portal, and coaching for those taking maternity leave.

We are focused on developing our talent pipeline so that more women make it as partners here and we are serious about the development of existing partners.