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We're not fooled into thinking that working in an office has no impact on the environment. Reducing, re-using and recycling are themes that are central to all our operations and purchasing.  

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We understand that actions we take have a direct impact on the environment. That’s why at Howard Kennedy we have a designated team to implement an environmental certification confirming our commitment to improving our sustainability. 

Nick Greenwood, Facilities Assistant 2019

We make every effort to improve processes and procedures to reduce our total level of waste and energy usage. This includes taking into consideration environmental factors when sourcing new suppliers, ensuring our offices are fitted with motion sensor lighting throughout, and providing recycling bins on every floor as standard.

We're also thinking through every element of our daily lives. This ranges from the very small actions, such as removing all single use plastic cutlery from our tea points and favouring more sustainable glasses, to the larger ones. All of our computers are leased and, as the warranty expires, the equipment is refurbished and put back into circulation as part of the 2nd Life IT offering, elongating the useful life of technology assets, decreasing carbon footprint, and ultimately reducing unnecessary electronic waste.

This also translates into the way we behave. Agile working practices help reduce our energy uptake, and we're working on the design of our document templates to reduce the number of pages we print.

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So it's not just all talk. In late 2019, we received our ISO 14001 certificate confirming our Environmental Management System attained recognised industry standards. Achieving this has acknowledged our desire to make environmental awareness part of our business ethos and as a result, we have already made a number of changes within the firm and look forward to seeing the positive results in due course.

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We have created an Environmental Policy Statement outlining our objectives and how we aim to support and achieve them. This document will be referred to when business decisions are made that have an environmental impact.

Nick Greenwood, Facilities Assistant 2019