Our Core Values

A client needs a law firm that is passionate about what they do as well as how they do it. At Howard Kennedy, we pride ourselves on our core values, both in terms of legal know-how and professional standards.



A law firm is judged on what they do and how they do it. It is imperative that our advice is astute and reliable but also that our lawyers are approachable, accessible and accommodating.

We encourage our lawyers to speak your language and develop long-standing relationships with clients to help them realise their long-term goals. We do this by being flexible, open-minded and pragmatic; we want you to value our lawyers as much as you value their advice.


You do not want legal advice in a vacuum it must be rooted in the context of your industry and methodology. Our firm has unique perspectives on the pressures and actualities of business matters. We are the only English law firm that can sponsor entry onto the UK capital markets and Howard Kennedy lawyers sit as non-executive directors on AIM-listed companies and as trustees of charities. We continually train our lawyers to place their advice firmly in the context of your world.


Our priority is providing the very best legal advice and if something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly. Our lawyers pride themselves on their professional standards. Our personalised solutions provide the very best provisions and protection for clients to the highest possible level. We will assist you in gaining the best outcomes for all your legal needs with quality advice, documentation and representation.


We know that your legal issues are fluid and fluctuating predicaments. Solutions are not found in uninspired, ‘one size fits’ all advice but in pragmatic and progressive input from your lawyers. Our advice adapts to your evolving requirements, carefully considering the factors affecting them as well as the probable outcomes. We want you to have the confidence in our ability to understand your situations, priorities and interests and provide the appropriate team and bespoke solution.

Excellent Value

We feel that quality legal advice does not have to cost the earth. We don’t want clients to judge their law firms on what they cost but, instead, what value they can add. Legal advice can be transparent, appropriate and cost-effective, providing clients with much more than mere documents but long-term commercial successes.