A guide to rooftop development

Howard Kennedy, in conjunction with Knight Frank, is pleased to announce the launch of "A Guide to Rooftop Development". Alongside Knight Frank's new technology, Skyward, developers will be able to assess their property's suitability for rooftop development. 

A Guide to Rooftop Development is a detailed guide to simplify the rooftop development process. The guide:

  • Makes a specialist field more accessible, so opportunities are not overlooked
  • Covers all legal and viability issues facing landowners, leaseholders or developers
  • Includes a range of practical tips and considerations
  • Seeks to protect interests of all parties
  • Encourages a transparent approach to engender trust between parties
  • Considers modular construction techniques and their benefits


We are happy to offer a free no-obligation consultation to appraise rooftop development opportunities. 

Meet the team:

Mark Johnstone Shreena Avery  Leigh Sayliss


Martha Grekos James Stewart Amanda McNeil